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copyright and design right

We have in-depth expertise in all aspects of literary, artistic, dramatic and musical copyright as well as performers' rights, database rights and moral rights.

Our work covers the licensing and assignment of copyright and related interests and advising on a wide variety of contracts and commercial arrangements that include a copyright element. We undertake chain-of-title reviews and are experienced in termination, restoration and renewal issues, often with an international element.

We also advise on UK and Community design rights. Many businesses are unaware of the benefits of design right registration and we can assist in this specialist area.

Many of our clients come from the publishing sector, including academic, trade, children's and comic book publishers as well as learned societies and professional bodies. We also advise authors and their agents, musicians and composers, artists, designers, fashion houses and other rights-holders of all kinds. We frequently act for clients in the museum and heritage sectors.

Contact: Cathleen Blackburn

copyright and design right disputes

We act in cases concerning the infringement of literary, artistic, dramatic and musical copyright as well as moral rights, database right and design right cases. We cover cases of both literal and non-literal copying and are highly experienced in advising clients what does and does not amount to infringement. We are used to acting in matters that have a multi-jurisdictional element and we are able to obtain injunctions and related remedies in appropriate cases.

Contact: Steven Maier