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domain names

We are experts in handling internet domain name disputes. We assist clients with the recovery of domain names which have been 'wrongly' registered including cases of 'cybersquatting' and 'typosquatting' and also defend clients against unjustified claims for names they have properly obtained.

We handle cases in all the relevant tribunals worldwide, including the Nominet.UK Dispute Resolution Service for names including, cases proceeding through WIPO under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Procedure (UDRP) covering names including .com, .org and .net and the Czech Arbitration Court for .eu cases.

Domain name cases frequently involve overlap with trade mark rights and can also be litigated through the Courts in appropriate cases. We can obtain injunctions and similar remedies when necessary.

Separately from representing clients, Steven Maier is an appointed Expert to both Nominet.UK and WIPO for the adjudication of domain name disputes.

Contact: Steven Maier